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    Could casino serving marijuana soon come to the Las Vegas Strip? In a recent magazine article from "High Times," the magazine revealed that they had hopes of opening a casino or Las Vegas hotel that will serve marijuana. Under the current state laws, opening a marijuana casino is illegal. However, the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol wants to bring this idea of creating a pot casino into a reality. 

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    Marijuana & Gambling

    Joe Brezny, spokesman and representative of the coalition, told the news that they have a great deal of experience in the gaming industry, and they have a specialized expertise with bringing marijuana to the gambling industry. Because of the efforts of the coalition, the option to legalize it will be placed on the ballots in November. Brezny says that when they first attempted to legalize it in 2002, only 39 percent of the people supported the measure. In 2006, the coalition had 44 percent support, and 10 years later, they have built up enough momentum to reach 60 percent support. 

    What would legalization entail? The measure legalizes the possessing an ounce of cannabis for people over the age of 21. Vickie Vance, a tourist in Las Vegas, said that he believes that legalizing marijuana might help to keep children from getting into more dangerous drugs, and how he thought that legalization would lower the crime rate. Joe Brezny said that he has spoken to both a men's club in Reno for Republicans, and he has spoken with rotary clubs. He has also spoken with progressives, and many people love the thought of mixing recreational marijuana with gambling. Nevertheless, it could still take some time before it manifests itself in the City of Lights because the measure will still have to pass the ballots in November. That will, however, bring it closer than ever before.

    Nevada Regulations

    While cannabis remains illegal on a federal and state level, the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol could soon turn that dream into truth. Residents in Nevada have the chance to legalize recreational marijuana this November, which would be an interesting experiment. It will combine both gambling and recreational cannabis, which is something that appeals to a lot of business owners in Vegas. Vickie Vance also said that the big method to getting recreational use of cannabis passed is to show people how much money is in it. According to High Times Magazines, the cannabis industry was a $2.7 billion market in 2014.

    New York Times has reported that there is a media company that is in deep talks with different partners for designing cannabis consumption lounges in both Las Vegas and Colorado. Currently, Nevada only allows for the usage of medical marijuana. This November, the issue will show up on the ballot as Question 2. The idea even caught the attention of poker legend Phil Ivey, who is one of the many individuals in the city who has applied for approval to open a dispensary.

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