Let TRIPLE CASH OR CRASH explode your winnings!

Blast-off into the space of exciting and easy wins.

Win up to 100,000x your bet with TRIPLE CASH OR CRASH, an edge-of-your-seat gaming experience! This latest innovative offering energizes your game-play with an explosively good time right in the comfort of your home!

TRIPLE CASH OR CRASH features a trio of brave astronauts who blast off into space with your bet. Their mission? To fly higher and higher as the multiplier earns more winnings by the millisecond! However, you must keep a sharp eye on their intuition and eject the astronauts safely from the rocket before it EXPLODES along with your winnings. The higher they fly, the higher your bets are multiplied!

Enjoy this amazing game experience with exciting and easy wins!

How to Play


During the TAKEOFF COUNTDOWN to the NEXT LAUNCH, place your bets on the crew by pressing the PLACE BET button next to each of the 3 astronauts. Adjust your bet by using the keyboard input or the and buttons.

3… 2… 1… BLAST OFF!

The Rocket will take off at launch time and follow a trajectory through space while the win multiplier grows. The objective is to have your astronauts eject before the rocket explodes! The higher the rocket flies, the larger the multiplier!


Press the EJECT button next to each of the astronauts to eject them before the rocket explodes to claim your win! How high will your multiplier climb? You can also set the game to automatically eject your astronauts when a certain multiplier is reached.

Win Limits

There are several limits to the amount you can win in a single round:


Max Profit is the total maximum profit one player can win across all 3 bets in a round. Total Max Profit is the maximum that will be paid out for all the players in a room for a single round. Max Multiplier is the highest the multiplier will go, so long as it does not conflict with the previous 2 parameters.

The game will automatically cash you out if you reach any of the limits listed above. That limit can be variable depending on a number of factors: how many players are betting in that particular round, how much they individually bet on the round, and how long they remain in the rocketship. Every player is playing toward that 200,000 € limit.

* These are the default game settings. Check the paytable in-game for more details.

In-Flights Controls

Shows the multipliers from the previous rounds in a scrolling ticker. Navigate with the and buttons
Shows the elapsed time for the current round
Shows the multiplier for the current round
Shows all bets from all players and their winnings for the round
Ejects your bet from the current rocket and collects the payout based on your bet amount and the current multiplier
Ejects all currently active bets and collects the payouts for each one based on bet amount and current multiplier
Disables the previously set auto-cashout for the selected bet

Control Map

Sets the amount to be wagered for the next round. Your payout will be your wager multiplied by the indicated multiplier value if you eject at that time
Increases or decreases the bet amount

1/2: Reduces your current bet to half its current value

2x: Increases your current bet to twice its current value

Max: Increases your current bet to the maximum allowed value

Sets your wager to automatically cash-out once the specified multiplier is reached
Increases or decreases the multiplier value for auto-cashout
Disables auto-cashout
Places the currently configured bet for the next launch
Removes your bet so that the parameters can be changed
Repeats all bets placed during the previous round, including auto-cashout settings
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