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    If you're heading to Las Vegas for some gambling, you'll want to read up on some of the slang associated with gambling and casinos. With millions of people heading for the bright lights of Las Vegas, it makes sense that the city has its own language. Anyone who wants to be a serious gambler has to learn some of the colorful language to fit into the big city. 

    Long Hauled

    While this can happen anywhere that there are tourists, Las Vegas has its own slang for when a cab driver takes you on a longer route to your destination. When you've been long hauled, you're taken a longer distance, so the cab driver can charge you more money. 


    You've most likely noticed the brightly-colored light on the top of a slot machine. This is often referred to as a candle. Slot machine enthusiasts will strive to light the candle on top of the machine, which means they want to win the jackpot. 

    The Pencil

    The Pencil is another name for the pit boss or pit manager. This person oversees the dealers to ensure that payoffs are handled correctly and guests are treated respectfully. This person handles the paperwork and rates players in the casino. If you want to become a rated player, you'll need to catch the attention of The Pencil. 

    Pigeon and Chasing Your Money

    These terms are very similar. A pigeon is someone who throws more money away when he loses to try to recoup the losses. It's also called chasing your money if you throw even higher denominations with the hope that you can win. 


    Whales are high rollers who spend millions of dollars in the casino. They place large bets without caring if they win or lose. While they might like to win, they don't sweat if they lose one hundred thousand dollars with one hand of cards. 

    Getting Rated

    Casinos want you to keep playing in their establishments. They will regularly rate players based on how often they win or lose. This can get you some perks like free drinks or dinner. You might have to ask to be rated by The Pencil. 

    RFB and Comps

    Whether you're a whale or a good player, you could get RFB in the casino. This means room, food and beverage, and they're usually given free to high rollers, celebrities and whales. These are called comps too. Comps are free things given to special guests of the hotel or casino. 

    When you're more familiar with casino and Las Vegas lingo, you will be more comfortable in the casino itself and seem like less of a tourist. You won't feel as if everyone knows what's going on except you, and when you're familiar, you're more likely to win big and not chase your money like a pigeon.

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